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What is it?

Proper fluid intake is important for older adults.  When you are not drinking the correct fluids, and in sufficient amounts, the condition of dehydration results.  Dehydration is a lower than normal amount of body water, common even when it’s not hot outside.

Are You Prepared for the Future?

The “future” can change so quickly. We’ve all experienced how our world changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Overnight, commonplace items became scarce and regular activities - - work, family and play - - were restricted.

Times like these can help us reflect on what we want the “new future” to be. Planning for the unforeseen is possible. One part of your future is medical care and decisions about the type of healthcare you want to receive.

Michelle's Nutrition Minute - April 2022

Hello! This is Michelle, WCL’s registered dietitian, with this month’s Nutrition Minute because we want to MAKE EVERY MINUTE COUNT.

Palliative Care: Extra Level of Support

Palliative Care:  Extra Level of Support
A personal experience from a WCL staff member.

Not long ago my siblings and I were introduced to the unfamiliar world of palliative care.  It came at an emotional time when decisions were needed and needed quickly. 





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